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Get out for 10 minutes and cut stress.

This last weekend I went to Scarborough for the FSB national AGM and conference.  It was a great getting involved in helping to shape the future of an organisation I believe in.

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Although the event was very full-on there were still little slots of time available for a relaxing 20 minutes on the beach.

I have to admit that it was a very welcome respite from the business focus that surrounded it. It would have been a travesty if I'd not taken advantage of the beautiful sunshine to roll my trousers up and freeze my toes off in the North Sea.

But there is a lesson in this: I believe that no matter how stressed and busy you are, you should always keep an eye out for an opportunity to go for a walk on a sunny day.

It's very refreshing and enables you to go back to where you were with a little more energy and also some oxygen in the lungs (assuming you're not in central London).

So, next time you're stressed, just get out for a slight change of scenery. I promise it'll help.

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