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Why taking regular breaks is good for your productivity…

This very useful post was submitted by a good friend of mine: Jacqui Dean. Take a break…. Last week in my own blog I wrote about overwhelm and one of the points was the importance of taking regular breaks during the working day. It’s something that many of us are so bad at and I’m […]


Get out for 10 minutes to cut stress.

This last weekend I went to Scarborough for the FSB national AGM and conference.  It was a great getting involved in helping to shape the future of an organisation I believe in. Although the event was very full-on there were still little slots of time available for a relaxing 20 minutes on the beach. I have to […]


You have to make change happen, not just hope for it

Most of us have things in our lives that we’d like to change. But without a commitment to make change happen and then determined effort to make it happen, you’re going nowhere and nothing will improve. So here’s a few thoughts on how you might be able to make some changes in your life without having to […]


13 top reasons to get regular exercise

Those that know me well also know that I exercise regularly. However, let’s face it, some days I just don’t feel like exercising at all. I get too busy, too stressed and quite simply too tired. So I did a bit research and came up with a list of reasons why it’s a very good […]