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Please take your time management medicine now doctor

One of the frustrating things about knowing so much about time management is that I become acutely aware of when I’m not being terribly efficient or effective. Even worse is that when it really strikes me I feel like such a hypocrite. I feel like the mechanic who has a beaten up old car that barely works, […]


Taking risks rarely kills anyone but can lead to good things

I tried to warn them, really I did. Was at a party on Saturday night and asked the entertainer if he could sing Cole Porter’s Night and Day. He said he’d be happy to but when he got up there to sing it he invited me to join him. The problem was that I’d not […]


Work more hours and earn less money

One of the common misconceptions about people in business is that they earn loads of money and work only a handful of hours. And, that is true for some. However, it’s often the case that nothing could be further from the truth if you run a small business In fact, large numbers of people who […]