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Busy vs Productive – using time wisely can be hard work

The busiest week for some time and a possible lesson in the battle of ‘Busy vs Productive’ Possibly the biggest challenge when you’re self-employed is know the difference between busy and productive. It’s very easy to be busy, there really is never nothing to do. But being productive means having something to work on that […]


You have to make change happen, not just hope for it

Most of us have things in our lives that we’d like to change. But without a commitment to make change happen and then determined effort to make it happen, you’re going nowhere and nothing will improve. So here’s a few thoughts on how you might be able to make some changes in your life without having to […]


What I’ve learned from spending the last 5 days at scout camp

Some of my friends will know that I’m a leader of an Explorer Scout group and for most of this last week (4 nights in fact) we’ve taken 15 scouts to Snettersham in Norfolk for our annual summer camp. It’s been a great time and we’ve all come back very tired (and smelly) but definitely […]


Co-op Bank: not as green, ethical and friendly as I thought…

I like banking with the Co-op, it’s easy and my account doesn’t cost anything (my banking needs are very simple). And I’m a big fan of their ethical and eco-friendly ethos since I’m a bit of an eco-worrier (although it took me 4 attempts to get them to stop sending me paper statements). However, this […]


So what about my 2009 then?

2009 has absolutely flown by. The highlight of the year was, without doubt, the birth of our second child Matilda (Tilly for short) in February. At the time of writing she’s close to walking and is into everything. She is a cheerful bundle of joy (OK, you can put the sick bag down now). Abigail […]


new website and new directions?

Well, here it is – my newly designed and developed website. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Building the site wasn’t too challenging. What took so long was working out how to import this year’s entries into my blog into my new website. This involved exporting from Blogger into WordPress and […]


Jelly legs and a numb bum

Well this post has little to do with business apart from the fact that many of my business colleagues have sponsored me. On Sunday 7th September 2008 I took part in and completed the Palace to Palace bike ride to raise funds and awareness for the Prince’s Trust and the great work that it does. I’ve […]


Working on another website

Well www.spreadbettingcommunity.com is almost finished, in fact I have the site’s first proper member. I just need to add a intro to spread betting and finish the user guide and then it’s all about promotion. The traffic is steadily increasing and I’m adding two or three inbound links each week. So, my next challenge is to redevelop […]


What is a content management system (CMS) and why use one?

As those who read this blog regularly will know, I’ve done a fair bit of website development over the last year. My latest project is a website about spread bettingand it’s almost finished. However, I’m regularly asked why I insist on using a full Content Management System (CMS) for even the smallest of websites. So here’s […]


Yet more ideas but not enough time

I often get very frustrated by the fact that I’m good at coming up with ideas but I’ve had to realise that I just don’t have enough time to make them happen. The good news is that my new website www.spreadbettingcommunity.com has been picked up by Google and has started attracting some traffic. Even better is […]