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Call me old fashioned but…

You might call me old fashioned but there are some things that really ought to be banned in today’s connected society. Especially around the use of mobile phones when in meetings. My frustration comes about from 2 separate events. The first of which was a political party’s ‘Listening to Business’ event where this party invited […]


Not all bank bonuses are bad

Since the chief of RBS, Stephen Hester, has said no to his £900,000 bonus I think it’s time to make the case that not all bankers bonuses are bad. Hester is a unique case, he is head of a bank that is largely owned by the UK taxpayer. However, he’s done well in his role […]


Diane Abbott is a racist and that makes me sad

Well this last week has certainly been one for the racists. With Diane Abbott MP making racist comments on Twitter and (yet another) sensitive millionaire footballer alleging racist taunts and abuse. In all honesty this comes as little surprise to many people since racism is still endemic in our society and, in my opinion, it’ll […]


Like him or not, Clarkson is a marketing genius

Jeremy Clarkson is in the news again and, as usual, it’s about something he said. This time he’s upset a few union leaders by suggesting that those who went on strike should be shot in front of their families. However, the funniest thing is that many folks, most notably the unions, have taken such offence […]


What I’ve learned from spending the last 5 days at scout camp

Some of my friends will know that I’m a leader of an Explorer Scout group and for most of this last week (4 nights in fact) we’ve taken 15 scouts to Snettersham in Norfolk for our annual summer camp. It’s been a great time and we’ve all come back very tired (and smelly) but definitely […]


The News of the World is gone but so what?

So news publishing history was made on Sunday with the demise of the News of the World but so what? I know it’s sad that many journalists and support staff have lost their jobs at short notice but do we really need the News of the World? Is there now a gap in the market […]


Riding around wales in a mobility scooter

A good friend has been in touch and ask me if I’d share this inspiring article, it’s fairly self explanatory: On May 1st a man, whose mobility scooter turned his life around, Mark Newton from Swansea, will set off on an epic journey which will take about 46 days to complete and cover more than […]


Please don’t shout at your child’s teachers because the school is closed

Not many people like to defend teachers, it seems, when schools are forced to close because of extreme weather. However, I’d like to point out something that many parents don’t seem to take into account. When we send our little darlings to school we expect them to be looked after and cared for as if […]