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What should be on a business card?

Ever wondered what should be on a business card? Well, let me share some insights into how you can get a better response from your business cards: The thing is, it always amuses me that, in all the networking I do, I rarely see a business card that really gets my attention or encourages me […]


Some important business startup lessons

How about some important business startup lessons from a good friend of mine who recently started her own coaching business? Hi, my name’s Claire Gallear and I’m a qualified Personal Performance Coach. I’ve been coaching since August 2010 and I started a business doing full time coaching in September 2012. I thought it would just […]


Everyone is in sales, whether you realise it or not

Everyone is in sales. Yes, everyone, including you. Now it may sound a little daft to say since very few of us think we actually sell anything. But I’d like to show you just how wrong we all are on this score. And wrong just about every single day. You see, from the moment you’re […]


Believe it and achieve it – well, not quite!

Many folks have heard about having a positive attitude but is that all there is to being successful?  The old addage ‘Believe it and achieve it’ seems to have been kicked around a little too much in my view. And if it were strictly true then many more people would achieve success in their chosen […]


How to recognise potentially good business ideas

One of the biggest challenges that many of us in business have is the sheer number of potentially good business ideas or potentially profit-making concepts that we tend to generate. Now I say that’s a problem because very few of us have the resources available to have someone else do some digging to work out […]


If you want to earn more you have to learn more

In today’s fast moving work environment there can be no standing still with your skills and knowledge. But if you really want to get ahead then you need to be willing to go beyond what most people will do, which is normally just enough to stay where they are. Even those in the professions (lawyers […]


Just show up and improve your chances of success

Woody Allen is quoted as saying that “80% of success is just showing up” and whilst that may seem like a bit of a glib statement there’s more truth to it than many people realise. You see, many people today say they will ‘just show up’ but it’s often just a throwaway comment with little […]


How to assess a business opportunity Part 5: Motivation

OK, so this is part 5 in my series of articles on ‘How to assess a business opportunity’. This time we’re looking at (cue uplifting music and training montage…) motivation Motivation is best described as the reason or reasons that anyone does anything. But let me expand on that just a little: Always bear in […]


How to assess a business opportunity, part 4 – Experience

Since beginning this series on ‘how to assess a business opportunity’ I’ve realised that writing just 4 or 5 articles was simply not going to be enough. In fact I could write a dozen articles and something else might occur to me for consideration. However, this time we’re going to look at ‘Experience’ or ‘Expertise’. […]


How to assess a business opportunity, part 3 – Money

The third part of this series is a very important part of ‘how to assess a business opportunity’ and it’s all to do with money. You see, despite what many people say, money is incredibly important. In fact, some folks even go so far as to say that it’s almost as important as oxygen in […]


How to assess a business opportunity part 2: Interest

The second part of this series on ‘How to assess a business opportunity’ is about: Interest Now it’s nothing to do with the pitiful amount that your bank will give you for looking after money, it’s all to do with the level of interest you have in your business, it’s products and how it helps […]


How to assess a business opportunity part 1: Time

Since I’m self-employed and do quite a lot of networking I’m often approached by people trying to get me interested in their business opportunity. And that made me ask the question: Is there a process for ‘how to assess a business opportunity’? Now I’m very keen on doing business and I know that many people […]