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How to assess a business opportunity Part 5: Motivation

OK, so this is part 5 in my series of articles on ‘How to assess a business opportunity’. This time we’re looking at (cue uplifting music and training montage…) motivation Motivation is best described as the reason or reasons that anyone does anything. But let me expand on that just a little: Always bear in […]


How to assess a business opportunity, part 4 – Experience

Since beginning this series on ‘how to assess a business opportunity’ I’ve realised that writing just 4 or 5 articles was simply not going to be enough. In fact I could write a dozen articles and something else might occur to me for consideration. However, this time we’re going to look at ‘Experience’ or ‘Expertise’. […]


How to assess a business opportunity, part 3 – Money

The third part of this series is a very important part of ‘how to assess a business opportunity’ and it’s all to do with money. You see, despite what many people say, money is incredibly important. In fact, some folks even go so far as to say that it’s almost as important as oxygen in […]


How to assess a business opportunity part 2: Interest

The second part of this series on ‘How to assess a business opportunity’ is about: Interest Now it’s nothing to do with the pitiful amount that your bank will give you for looking after money, it’s all to do with the level of interest you have in your business, it’s products and how it helps […]


How to assess a business opportunity part 1: Time

Since I’m self-employed and do quite a lot of networking I’m often approached by people trying to get me interested in their business opportunity. And that made me ask the question: Is there a process for ‘how to assess a business opportunity’? Now I’m very keen on doing business and I know that many people […]


Was the Olympics worth the expense?

Was the  London 2012 Olympics worth the expense? Have a think about this: In the last 16 days I’ve: cried tears of joy cried tears of sadness welled up with overwhelming inspiration rooted for random competitors cheered boo’ed shouted thrown my hands in the air been dumbstruck with amazement been proud to be British been […]


Thinking time will help a lot, I promise

In our very busy world it can be very challenging to find thinking time. However, it can improve your productivity and chances of success by giving you the space to consider work and life etc and then maybe make some decisions. So here are some of my thoughts on how thinking time can help: In […]


Please engage brain…

Okay, bear with me here I’m going on a bit of a rant. One of my biggest frustration these days is glaring examples of where people plainly don’t think. And filling up the car with petrol gives us a classic example of this. It is not uncommon these days to see a queue of cars […]


Please take your time management medicine now doctor

One of the frustrating things about knowing so much about time management is that I become acutely aware of when I’m not being terribly efficient or effective. Even worse is that when it really strikes me I feel like such a hypocrite. I feel like the mechanic who has a beaten up old car that barely works, […]


How to focus on your customers and not your internal problems

This great real-life lesson on “How to focus on your customers” was contributed by my good friend Paul Kaerger: “My father-in-law had an issue with his van recently and it had to be recovered to the garage for some work. It took over five hours to get the insurance company and the recovery company to […]


Taking risks rarely kills anyone but can lead to good things

I tried to warn them, really I did. Was at a party on Saturday night and asked the entertainer if he could sing Cole Porter’s Night and Day. He said he’d be happy to but when he got up there to sing it he invited me to join him. The problem was that I’d not […]


For life to get better YOU have to get better

Far too many people sit and wait for life to get better but unless something radical happens the chances of improving life are slim. This means that something has to change and normally that something is you. Usually, it means that YOU have to get better at your life in some way. How many times […]