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If you want to earn more you have to learn more

In today’s fast moving work environment there can be no standing still with your skills and knowledge. But if you really want to get ahead then you need to be willing to go beyond what most people will do, which is normally just enough to stay where they are. Even those in the professions (lawyers […]


Just show up and improve your chances of success

Woody Allen is quoted as saying that “80% of success is just showing up” and whilst that may seem like a bit of a glib statement there’s more truth to it than many people realise. You see, many people today say they will ‘just show up’ but it’s often just a throwaway comment with little […]


Business Collaboration is worth the risk

The more I think about what I’m doing to develop my fledgling business, the more I begin to realise that collaborative projects are increasingly worth pursuing. I’ve written about business collaboration before at http://craig-west.co.uk/2009/05/how-to-partner-up-for-increased-chances-of-success-and-profit/ but I wanted to share a couple of very recent projects. This morning I went to a networking group with several things […]


What I’ve learned from spending the last 5 days at scout camp

Some of my friends will know that I’m a leader of an Explorer Scout group and for most of this last week (4 nights in fact) we’ve taken 15 scouts to Snettersham in Norfolk for our annual summer camp. It’s been a great time and we’ve all come back very tired (and smelly) but definitely […]