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How to market and sell more creative services

Here’s the recording of my talk on “How to market and sell more creative services” at Creative Coffee in Leicester on February 18th 2015. The key points are: Know your market Know your message to that market Use the right media to get that message across Make sure your market messages have all of these […]


Competence Is Not Enough To Convince Someone To Buy From You

 Many would agree that the business climate has become considerably more challenging over recent years. So, when doing your marketing, just saying you’re competent is not enough to convince an increasingly cynical market that you’re worth buying from. So, how should you go about proving it to a potential client or customer that they should […]


What should be on a business card?

Ever wondered what should be on a business card? Well, let me share some insights into how you can get a better response from your business cards: The thing is, it always amuses me that, in all the networking I do, I rarely see a business card that really gets my attention or encourages me […]


Just show up and improve your chances of success

Woody Allen is quoted as saying that “80% of success is just showing up” and whilst that may seem like a bit of a glib statement there’s more truth to it than many people realise. You see, many people today say they will ‘just show up’ but it’s often just a throwaway comment with little […]


Why your customers buy – it’s often not about the product

On Monday I did a bit of training for a woman called Zoe who is new to being self-employed. She recently started an ironing service and I was helping her to learn about keeping financial records. During our session we discussed how much she was charging and she quickly realised that she is far too […]


Don’t do this if you want to keep your customers

Keeping in touch with customers doesn’t require brain surgery but often has a huge impact on customer retention. Here’s an example of where a couple of companies might have kept me as a client if they’d made more of an effort to keep me happy. Over the last few weeks I’ve finally finished consolidating my […]