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Quick tips for coping with work overload

In my view the biggest challenge when running a small business is coping with work overload. There is always more to do than time available for doing it and it can quickly become overwhelming to the point where you feel paralysed trying to work out what to do next. But while it’s difficult to reduce […]


Getting started with new work habits

We all have habits. These are the things we do very regularly without even thinking about them, such as getting up and putting the kettle on before you do anything else. You just do them without even knowing that they’re habits. Work habits are just the same, you get to your desk and without even […]


Please take your time management medicine now doctor

One of the frustrating things about knowing so much about time management is that I become¬†acutely¬†aware of when I’m not being terribly efficient or effective. Even worse is that when it really strikes me I feel like such a hypocrite. I feel like the mechanic who has a beaten up old car that barely works, […]


How to focus on what you want and not what you don’t

On Tuesday I went to a meeting organised by a friend of mine, Julia Canham, who is a business coach. At that meeting I reaffirmed some of the things I’ve had in mind to get on with but the most important thing it brought to mind was to put more into focusing what I want […]


I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon but no need to panic

At the beginning of November I made a decision to write at least one blog post each week. All went well for the first five weeks and then things seemed to get a little hectic and I’ve missed a few. The thing about it is that I’d got into the habit of doing it on […]


Busy vs productive – a few pointers

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the most difficult things about being self-employed is trying to balance the difference between busy and productive (see http://craig-west.co.uk/2011/10/busy-vs-productive-using-time-wisely-can-be-hard-work/). It’s very easy to be ‘busy’ since there is never nothing to do. But turning that busy into ‘business’ is very challenging at times. Busy vs productive is a constant […]


Despite my cynicism I now think business coaching can help

Today I went to see a business coach. I’ve never had a coach before (outside of sport that is) and I have to admit that it was a very useful experience, despite my initial scepticism. You see, I’m very good at being organised, I work well when I know what I have to get done. […]


Busy vs Productive – using time wisely can be hard work

The busiest week for some time and a possible lesson in the battle of ‘Busy vs Productive’ Possibly the biggest challenge when you’re self-employed is know the difference between busy and productive. It’s very easy to be busy, there really is never nothing to do. But being productive means having something to work on that […]


Five Top Tips to improve your health and productivity

I recently went to a networking event and the guest speaker was a woman named Anna Mason. She was speaking on a subject that’s very important to me: health and fitness. Anna presented loads of great tips on how people in business can be healthier so I asked her to write a post for my […]


Can doing jigsaws really be such a waste of time?

Was listening to a radio show the other morning about people who do jigsaws. One of the people being interviewed said that doing jigsaws was a real waste of time but that she enjoyed it so much that she couldn’t imagine giving it up. And that made me wonder: is doing jigsaws really such a […]


A quick tip to help improve your concentration

According to a recent study more than 60% of the UK population is between 1% and 5% dehydrated at any one time. Much of this is caused by the caffeine in drinks like tea, coffee and many soft drinks. The problem with being dehydrated is that it impairs your ability to concentrate. Another danger with […]


Cut stress by allowing time to get things done

Seem to have spent a lot of time lately building websites. Not that I mind but it has occurred to me that even something that you think might not take too long actually takes ages. To be honest I ought to know better. I spent years working in the IT industry and in technology it […]