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Getting started with new work habits

We all have habits. These are the things we do very regularly without even thinking about them, such as getting up and putting the kettle on before you do anything else. You just do them without even knowing that they’re habits. Work habits are just the same, you get to your desk and without even […]


How a holiday can be bad for your waistline but good for your business

Having recently spent a couple of weeks in southern Spain (close to Mojacar) I came back feeling reasonably refreshed. Looking back I realised that I’d eaten more ice cream in those 2 weeks than I had in the previous 6 months combined, not healthy. You see, there’s a cafe bar called Blu on the front […]


Can the snow start a workplace and telecommuting revolution?

Apparently this is day of the year upon which the most number of people normally pull a sickie: pretending to be ill for sake of not having to face the trawl to work. Now I don’t want to comment about whether people are honest or not but many of us can quite readily work from […]